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The BE Meet With Cyber Security Expert To Discuss Data Protection and Storage Issues across International Waters

Earlier this year founders of The BE met with a cyber security expert to discuss issues relating to data protection, data privacy, data regulations, and storage issues concerning sensitive data gained from users overseas. The discussion took place in an informal setting with the expert detailing his thoughts and problems regarding the mobile application. Discussed was people’s willingness to share their sensitive information and the education level of the population that falls under The Big exchanges target audience. Shared with the expert were solutions to overcome these problems with solutions such as the data value indicator increasing on a user’s profile as more data is inputted.

During the meeting, the expert spoke of issues surrounding data storage overseas and how such a minefield would be impossible to navigate without the help of a data security/data privacy lawyer. With the laws ever changing and GDPR-type laws being introduced in countries around the globe, the terms and usage of The BE app would have to reflect these laws and of course, be different for each of the individual countries. Server storage was discussed and the storage of users’ data and how it would be done safely and to project potential hacks. The expert discussed how in the initial weeks we will be open to a lot of hackers wanting to break our system and leak information collected from our app.

Fake profiles were another matter brought to discussion during the meeting. Computer systems and spammers creating fake accounts on the BE and loading it with information to see more advertisements and earn more money is a problem that The BE will have to overcome. Using analytic systems and spotting trends and irregular data inputting patterns will allow The BE to overcome such issues and place bans on accounts showing negative, system tricking tactics. With users trying to capitalise on earnings and watch as many advertisements as possible without showing any real interest in the business or their offering, this will create wasted Ad spend for the businesses advertising on The BE. Analysing user’s click-throughs, purchase history, engagement rate, and other metrics will allow The BE to spot accounts that are not quality leads and show fewer business advertisements to these accounts.

Overall the meeting was a great success with a lot of points being discussed and brought to conclusion. The BE has a long way to go before being ready for a global launch with the initial BETA launch ready to go live in the UK in the coming weeks.

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