The business dashboard includes features for the businesses to use and allows the business to make the most of the data available through The Big Exchange. The features of the dashboard include:


The business dashboard has a marketplace in which businesses can purchase data from users of the app. They can filter through thousands of specific data points such as location, hobbies, interests, employment information, medical information, aspirations to find a list of the perfect customers. They can then make offers to purchase email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, or lifestyle choices for example of these people. When the offer is accepted the business will then have access to this data in a csv file to be downloaded, or they can import the data into the integrated email (Mailchimp) or SMS (Twilio) software.


Included within the dashboard is an email section for users to design and send email campaigns to the data they own; they can either use data purchased through the Big Exchange, or data they currently hold of their customers. The email software will be operated by Mailchimp and integrated into The Big Exchange platform.


The SMS software allows companies to send marketing text message communications to their purchased data. Organisation’s can use data they already own, or newly acquired data purchased through The Big Exchange. The SMS software is currently operated by Twilio.


The advertising platform found within the Big Exchange dashboard allows companies to set up and publish targeted advertisements. The company can create video, image and text advertisements and send these promotional messages directly to users of the app, benefiting from enhanced data points to make the ad campaigns very targeted.


This section of the business dashboard shows a users offers and orders, the cost of those orders, how many users accepted the order, access to download the CSV if required and access to view the data from the ad campaigns.