Step 1.

Edit your profile and give us data. The more data you add the more your profile value increases. You answer questions, we collect this data and tell you what it is worth.

As you add more data, you can watch your profile value increase in real-time. The more you give us, the more your data profile is worth.

Profile Value
Step 1.

Step 2.

Search and connect with your friends and family within the app. You can send friend requests and family requests. The family request allows you to state whether the person is your son, cousin, auntie, uncle etc.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Share content with your family and friend connections. Your newsfeed is completely advert free and you will only see posts from users you are connected to.

Share content

Step 4.

Recieve offers from businesses who want to buy certain pieces of data from you. They may request access to your email address and contact number or they may want to show you a video advertisement, image or text advertisement. You can choose to accept or decline the offer. If you accept you get paid, the amount you get paid depends on how much of your data the business is accessing.

Receive Offers

Step 5.

Bare with us, there are 200 million companies worldwide, so rest assured, we will sell each individual data point more than once, if we sell £1s worth of your data to 10,000 companies you have just made £10,000 from your data. Share the platform, help us grow. We want our users to benefit from their data and we need our users help to get the message out there.

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