Social Media

Connect with friends, family, work colleagues and teams mates all over the world. Share content with them in the form of videos, images and text posts. Keep them updated on what you are doing, tag them in posts, comment and chat with each other over The Big Exchange.

Data Exchange

Make money from your personal data, receive offers to views adverts, receive emails and texts. Sell your email, contact number, interests, hobbies and more to businesses all over the world and earn money over and over again for the data you share.

Ad Free News Feed

The news feed is Ad free, see only posts from your connections on your news feed, you will receive offers to view adverts through the offers section of the app, here you can choose to accept or decline the offers.

Own Your Data

Your data will never be sold, shared or used without your prior permission. Companies will make you offers to access certain information based on your inputs into the app, your interactions and other information harvested by The Big Exchange.

Private Platform

Privacy is vital to the Big Exchange, not only do you access and control who has your data but only your connections can see your content, if you don’t connect with a person they will not be able to see your posts, the platform is completely private to you unless you decide otherwise.

Video Reels

Video reels for content creators to share their newest videos to likeminded people around the world coming soon to The Big Exchange.


Data Exchange

Purchase email addresses, contact numbers and home addresses of the perfect audience to use for your marketing campaigns. Filter through thousands of data points and identify the perfect customer, purchase their data and connect with them.

Ad Platform

Set up targeted Ad campaigns, using the built in Ad-facility you can set up targeted marketing campaigns, capitalising on data with thousands of data points to search and target. Send video advertisements, images and standard text adverts. Only pay when a user accepts to view your advert, in doing so the user will have to view the advert for the designated time.

Email Software

Use the built in email platform to send marketing emails to the data you purchase through the Big Exchange or email data your business has already acquired. Send remarketing, discounts, welcome emails, newsletters and much more.

SMS Software

The Big Exchange allows you to use your newly purchased contact numbers to send targeted SMS campaigns, you can also upload any SMS numbers you already have to send your SMS campaigns to through The Big Exchange dashboard.

Direct Messaging

Coming Soon!

One Stop Digital Marketing

The one stop shop for all your digital marketing needs, easily manage campaigns, insights, data and purchases within the business dashboard.