BE Founders Meet With Business Growth Hub in Lancashire

In a bid to strengthen their operations and secure funding, the founders of The Big Data Exchange, Duncan Webb and Paul Gray met with Purves Ali from Business Growth Hub to discuss legal and financial planning assistance.

The meeting, which took place at the headquarters of Nybble IT in Lancashire, was attended by the founders of the company and Mr. Ali, who is a Business Advisor at Business Growth Hub. The agenda of the meeting was to explore the available options for raising funds in the Lancashire area and to seek legal and financial planning help.

During the meeting, the TBDE founders outlined their plans for growth and expansion, highlighting their desire to expand their operations to new markets and improve their service offerings. They also expressed their interest in exploring different fundraising options that would allow them to achieve their growth objectives.

Mr. Ali listened carefully to their plans and provided valuable insights and recommendations on how the company could achieve its goals. He also offered his expertise in the areas of legal and financial planning, offering to help the founders navigate the complex regulatory and financial landscape of the Lancashire area.

The meeting was deemed a success by both parties, with the founders expressing their gratitude to Mr. Ali for his guidance and support. They also praised the Business Growth Hub for its role in supporting businesses in the region, highlighting the importance of such organisations in promoting economic growth and development.

In a statement following the meeting, the TBDE founders said: “We are grateful for the opportunity to meet with Purves Ali and to discuss our plans for growth and expansion. His expertise and guidance will be invaluable to us as we navigate the complex legal and financial landscape of the Lancashire area. We also appreciate the role that the Business Growth Hub plays in supporting businesses in the region, and we look forward to working closely with them in the future.”

The meeting between The Big Data Exchange founders and Mr. Ali highlights the importance of collaboration and partnership in promoting economic growth and development. By working together, businesses and organisations can share their expertise and resources, and achieve their growth objectives more effectively.

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