Founders of The Big Data Exchange Meet With Financial Director To Accurately Plan Financial Documents

The founders of the Big Data Exchange, Duncan Webb and Paul Gray, recently had a meeting with Nigel, the financial director of a large hotel chain, to discuss cash flow forecasting and financial planning for their company.

The meeting, which took place at The Big Data Exchanges’ headquarters in Preston, was aimed at improving the company’s financial predictions and making them more accurate. Nigel provided his expertise in financial planning and helped the founders to understand various financial terms, including EBIDTA, interest, inflation, and more.

Using this information, the team worked together to develop a month-by-month forecast that would enable them to track their cash balance, expenses, and earnings accurately. This data will be instrumental in showing investors the financial performance of the business at a particular point in its lifespan.

In addition to improving financial forecasting, Nigel also helped The Big Data Exchange founders to plan an achievable exit strategy for the business. This involved understanding the different exit options available to the company and developing a roadmap for achieving them.

Commenting on the meeting, Duncan Webb, co-founder of The Big Data Exchange, said: “We were delighted to have the opportunity to meet with Nigel and discuss our financial planning with him. His expertise and guidance have been invaluable in helping us to develop a robust cash flow forecast that accurately reflects the financial performance of our business. We are now much better equipped to demonstrate our financial performance to investors and secure the funding we need to take our business to the next level.”

The meeting with Nigel highlights the importance of seeking professional financial advice when planning the growth and development of a business. By working with experts in this field, business owners can ensure that they have accurate financial data that can be used to guide their decision-making and secure funding for future growth.

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