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Our goal at The Big Exchange is to help our users and community earn extra revenue. This goal has taken us on a mission to build a mobile application in which users benefit from their personal data. NFTs or non-fungible tokens are popular, in-demand and in some cases high grossing digital assets, with thousands of dedicated hours we have created a large collection of NFTs which we are giving away for free.

What is an NFT?

An NFT, non-fungible token is a digital asset stored on a blockchain with unique meta data and identification codes that distinguish them from one another. They can be GIFs, images, videos, music and many more media types. Owners can trade, gift or collect NFTs which are stored in their digital wallet. Popular digital wallets are Coinbase, Meta Mask, Exodus and Electrum.

Are NFTs valuable?

In most cases, NFTs which are digital character art such as penguins or apes go for around £3000. The highest recorded NFT sale was £76,400,000 and there have been many more high value sales of NFTs in the millions.

What makes an NFT valuable?

Each NFT is completely unique in design and although some NFT collections hold very similar pieces of art there will be distinct differences which make it unique. What makes an NFT valuable? what made Picasso’s paintings so valuable? why do pieces of art sell for millions of pounds? An NFT has the same valuation, demand of the art due to celebrity ownerships, recognised artists selling NFTs to their audience, a community goal with the NFT collection, a fund raising goal with the NFT collection, rarity of the NFT coupled with demand, some NFTs are yield baring giving them value beyond a simple resale, NFT ownership history and many other factors determine the value of an NFT.

Where can I buy and sell NFTs?

There are many places in which you can go to for the buying and selling of NFTs, when selling NFTs some platforms require a one-off gas/minting fee. Minting is the process of adding your non-fungible art to a blockchain. Some platforms and currencies allow for free minting of your NFTs. Platforms such as Open Sea, Axie Marketplace, Larva Labs, Rariable and many others allow you to mint, buy, sell and gift your NFTs.

What are we giving away?

The Big Exchange is giving over 3 million NFTs away to users of our app, people in our community and our online followers. With 8 different collections ranging from the original BE to the dragon BE to the hipster BE, over 3 million unique NFTs will be given away. As our platform grows, as our app users grow and as our business valuation grows, so will the value of the NFTs gifted away. Keep your NFTs in your wallet and sell them in the future, give them away or list them for sale straight away, its your choice.

How do you get one?

We will first be giving 1 million NFTs from our Dragon BE collection away for users to sign up to our newsletter. From signing up to the newsletter you will be emailed instructions on how to collect your free NFT and you will receive further emails on how to get involved and collect your other free NFTs from our collections down the line.

Something to takeaway

Remember, the average character NFT sells for around £3000 and some have even sold in the millions, you could strike lucky, and whats better, it costs you nothing. Our hope is they become very valuable and our users and community benefit highly from it, however, this is not all. The app we have created allows users to earn extra revenue for doing the things they do on a daily basis anyway. Find out more information about our app here. You can subscribe to our Newsletter on our homepage.

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