Advertising Secured at Chorley FC

Advertising Secured at Chorley FC.

The Big Data Exchange is thrilled to announce our recent partnership with Chorley FC, a pivotal step in our strategic expansion plan. We’ve secured prime advertising real estate, including digital screens, program advertisements, and prominent pitch-side boards at Chorley FC’s facilities.

Our primary objective with this partnership is to foster substantial growth in our user base within Chorley and its surrounding areas, before gradually expanding throughout the broader North West UK. Leveraging our existing partnerships with digital marketing clients, we will effectively introduce our platform to a new local audience. This approach ensures an efficient and impactful outreach strategy.

Chorley FC is just the starting point of our ambitious journey. We are eager to integrate ourselves into the local community, offering residents and businesses the opportunity to connect, all while adhering to our core principles of user empowerment and data privacy. As we radiate outward from Chorley, our commitment to revolutionising the data exchange landscape remains steadfast.

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